KUBRICK TRA CINEMA E PITTURA | Sala Staffieri, Palazzo Ducale | 6-3 April 2019 | Lucca

 Stanley KUBRICK is still considered one of the most important directors of all time, especially for his expressiveness far from the canons and the conventions. In films, the director takes inspiration from the history of the art of each century and the passion for photography leads him to study the framing to the point of harassing the actors. The result is an obsessive care for the details of the image, for perspective and lighting, for the position of the actors and props, for the symmetry, so that every film of his can be studied in every frame as an "album of "shots. "As he was inspired by art I was inspired by cinema, and from here my idea to analyze these shots and to transform them from a simple frame to a work of art is born. I began to analyze Kubrick's aesthetic sense by decontextualizing the images from the films, even if well anchored to an objective realism. His films are the result of a work of integration between different communication channels: the exhibition then develops on the realization of canvases that analyze all his best film production, going to extrapolate and immortalize those images that characterize his films and that immediately make the director is recognizable. ”Given the influence that Kubrick has had on all modern communicative art, in the realization of the canvases there will also be space for a tribute to the director with a portrait that will crown its greatness. The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication published by Bandecchi & Vivaldi with critical texts by Riccardo Ferrucci, Alessandro Romanini and Roberto Milani


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