ICONICO | Museo Piaggio | April / May 2015 | Pontedera PI

In this exhibition there are some of the subjects that have always told about his art: from the metropolitan views to the myths of sport, from the ever-present Vespa and Fiat 500 to the completely new "coin cards". After the experiences abroad, he returned to Italy with this great exhibition that in fact made him the testimonial of the so-called "made in Italy", showing to an international audience the "great beauty" of our excellence in industry and design. "A painting that moves in a sensorial dimension - writes Riccardo Ferrucci -, feeds on pop art and the most advanced experiences of contemporary painting; [...] Gnocchi fits perfectly into an international field of research, his way of proceeding is thinking through images of great efficacy and made artistic, with a pointillism and a point painting that become an original way of telling past and future. " "Gnocchi's work - adds Ferrucci - can be read as a journey to discover ourselves and, at the same time, to discover significant places and times: his research is always directed towards another place in time and space: feelings personal on canvases of large or small dimensions, describing a civilization that changes and changes, but remembering its roots, to reconstruct the fragmented mosaic of reality in a unity, to give order to chaos, to create one's own personal diary. The journey of Andrea Gnocchi, which starts from an initial description of industrial landscapes, in more structured and geometric forms, finds a natural landing in the Piaggio factory / museum, almost as if the beginning of artistic history already foretold the future developments of his art. A compositional, technical and thematic maturation that places his art on the international scene, in an iconic search among the most successful of all. The art of Gnocchi lives in continuous dialogue between past and future, between nostalgia and a look towards reality, imagining a tomorrow that is already today."

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